Diarrhea involves frequent bowel movements that appear loose and watery. It can last for a couple of days, but when it persists for weeks, you may have a more serious disorder. Infections, inflammatory bowel diseases, or Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), are examples of disorders that require serious medical attention.

What are the symptoms?

Loose and watery stools, abdominal pain and/or cramps, fever, blood in the stool, nausea, bloating, and urgent bowel movements.

What are the treatments?

Many diseases and conditions can result in diarrhea, so treatment depends on the cause. In most cases, it can clear up within a couple of days without any treatment at all.* Diarrhea caused by bacteria or parasites require antibiotics.* If a virus is causing the issue, antibiotics will not help.

Because diarrhea can cause dehydration, it is important that you replace fluids and salts in the body. Be sure to drink a lot of water and juice. If these liquids upset your stomach, you will need an IV.

* Individual results may vary.

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